When someone asks you what your first thought about wool are, you would probably say: irritating, itchy, winter, very warm.

Merino wool challenges these common opinions, it’s not itchy and is actually perfect for summer. Here is why:

Merino wool is made of the finest grades of wool from Merino sheep and it’s prized for being very soft, so soft that can be worn on the skin.

Merino wool is a naturally breathable fibre which reacts to changes in body temperatures. It works by absorbing moisture vapour and leaves skin feeling drier and less clammy. When the vapour evaporates it maintains a constant, comfortable temperature which allows it to keep you warm in the winter, but cool in the summer.

A study undertaken by the University of Sydney, Australia shows that merino wool significantly improves sleep in hot conditions. In 29°C participants in the study wearing wool sleepwear slept significantly longer compared to when tested using non-wool sleepwear and bedding, reflecting faster sleep onset and waking up less frequently.

As a natural fibre, which evolved for many years to protect sheep from weather conditions, merino wool also provides protection from the sun by absorbing UV radiation.