I am a mother and nursery nurse – children have always been at the centre of what I do. I love watching them grow and expand their horizons. I’ve always wanted to give them what is best for their mental and physical well-being.

It was when I was little that I fell in love with knitting and sewing, and I’ve carried this passion with me till today. I’m also very aware of the impact various chemicals and synthetic fibres used in most products available today can have on our bodies, especially the very sensitive skin of babies.

My dream is to give all children the best start in life they deserve, by providing them with the most natural clothing and accessories available. This is why I created Ivy’s Corner: to provide parents with an alternative to the high-street shops, where more often than not harmful chemicals are used to create children’s clothing.

While they may look beautiful and colourful, we hardly ever consider what the material had to go through and how many synthetic processes it was subjected to before reaching the shelves – or what effect all this processing can have on our children’s skins. I want to create products just as beautiful, but with one major difference: something straight from nature to your door, bypassing all of the chemical processes.

We all want what’s best for our children – I want to give all parents the confidence that their child will never get better or more natural that Ivy’s Corner.